A brilliant finale for the 1st “Horizon Cup” in Thessaloniki! (photo album)

A brilliant finale for the 1st “Horizon Cup” in Thessaloniki! (photo album)

The success was total for the 1st International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament “Horizon Cup”, which was held this weekend (November 10th-11th) in Thessaloniki, Greece, bringing the young generation of European gymnasts to the spotlight and fulfilling the great expectations of the organizers.

The flair of some 90 enthusiastic gymnasts aged 11 to 14 from six countries (Russia, Belgium, Slovenia, Serbia, Cyprus, Greece) and the organizing ability of the Greek hosts created a perfect combination and proved that this new tournament will have a bright future, just like the young and ambitious participants themselves.

“The constant efforts of AESGVE and of the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation have been fruitful and ‘Horizon Cup’ is one of these achievements, leaving the sweetest taste to the delegations and to all of us. This is the beginning of something big, which was created to give to the young gymnasts the opportunity to follow their dreams and broaden their horizons. After this year’s successful start, we will try as hard as we can in order to make the 2nd edition of this tournament, in November 2019, even better and greater in every aspect. The countdown and our preparation for it starts as soon as today”, said mr Christos Psathas, President of the hosts AESGVE (Athletic Gymnastics Clubs Union of Northern Hellas) and he added:

“A special thanks goes to the Hellenic Gymnastics Federation and their President mr Vasiliadis for his constant support, to the Central Macedonia Region and mrs Patoulidou too, also to the Sponsors who have helped us greatly, to all the people who contributed in this tournament and have their best, and of course we are thankful to our 70 awesome volunteers, who sealed the success of the event with their smile and their input. Finally, we must thank all spectators who attended ‘Ioannis Melissanidis’ Sports Hall and supported actively out Social Responsibility partner, the Organization ‘The Smile of the Child’. See you all next year in Thessaloniki!”

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Images from the Medal Awards Ceremony and from Day 2 of the competition (photos by Sotiris Pagalos, spagalos.gr):