Young gymnasts from nineteen countries and three continents will shine at the 2nd “Horizon Cup”

Young gymnasts from nineteen countries and three continents will shine at the 2nd “Horizon Cup”

The next generation of artistic gymnastics will shine bright at the 2nd International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament “Horizon Cup”, which will be held this weekend (November 9th-10th), at Mikra National Stadium of Thessaloniki.

Some 200 up-and-coming junior and pre-junior gymnasts from nineteen countries and three continents (Canada, Palestine, Israel, Britain, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Hungary, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Greece), representing a total of 40 gymnastics clubs and national teams, too, will gather up at “Ioannis Melissanidis” Sports Hall, named after the Greek floor exercise champion of the 1996 Olympic Games.

After last season’s successful beginning, this year the organizers managed to almost triplicate the participants countries and athletes’ numbers, thus making “Horizon Cup” one of the most important club-level artistic gymnastics tournaments in Europe, within a very short period of time. The age margin has become wider, as well: Boys born from 2003 to 2007 and girls born from 2005 to 2008 will have the chance to show their skills.

Stakes will be higher in all levels in the upcoming tournament, which will feat real-time live results through the official website , as well as important cultural and social responsibility activities: The official hymn of “Horizon Cup” was composed by the renowned Greek composer Kostas Kaldaras and will accompany the gymnasts’ efforts, as well the spectacular promo video of the event, which combines the beauty of Thessaloniki, a city full of sights, monuments and a unique 2,300-year history, and the magic of artistic gymnastics, expressed by young Greek talents.

Moreover, “Horizon Cup” is joining forces with the Bone Marrow Donor Bank “Orama Elpidas”, a foundation which will inform and encourage all spectators at the gym to become bone marrow donors and save fellow humans’ lives.

Enjoy the promo video of the 2nd “Horizon Cup” and get ready for the artistic gymnastics event of the year in Greece!